Abendstimmung mit Aussenbild aus dem Atelier Max Leonhard

Weatherproof outdoor paintings

Outdoor paintings are exposed to enormous loads.

Basically, outdoor paintings must be UV resistant, mechanically extremely robust and permanently elastic to withstand sun, storm and hail, heat and cold.

Only high-quality silicone combines these required properties.

More than 20 years of experience make it possible!

The classic painting with its typical physicality and structure also conquers the outdoor area. The robustness of the paintings withstands all weather conditions and all natural mechanical stresses.

Absolutely weatherproof outdoor paintings made of silicone are the solution for the absence of paints in the public urban space on the one hand, as well as the private ambience in the garden, terrace and park on the other hand.

More and more terrace and garden is understood as an extension of the living area. Elegant seating furniture with living room character conquers the garden. A stationary grill with sideboard shifts the kitchen into the green, an outdoor dining area becomes a dining room in the green, all this is increasingly part of the standard of garden furnishings. To absolutely round off the ensemble, outdoor pictures can complete the combination of garden, living space and art.

Thanks to a special silicone formula, outdoor pictures are absolutely insensitive to weather conditions such as cold, rain, heat, hail or UV radiation.

Soiling of the surface can be removed at any time by simply washing with a root brush and dishwashing detergent or high-pressure cleaner.

There is no limit to the size of the paintings when commissioned. Currently in stock paintings have the sizes 120 X 120 cm, 170 X 170 cm 190 X 190 cm and 190 X 380 cm.

I look forward to hearing from you!